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Be the essence of LUV. Being real and authentic shouldn’t hide you away, it should help you grow, luv, and accept yourself for who you truly are – which is unique and beautiful! We believe we can change the world through luv; luv for our environment, nature, animal life and each other. We join you in spreading that luv and making a change. Let’s make it a #LuvRevolution.

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Makeup On, Makeup Off 24
Sep 2020

Makeup On, Makeup Off

You’ve just had an amazing night out with your friends and you finally make it back home. How do you get ready for…

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Unwind, Relax & Have Yourself a Luvly Weekend 28
Aug 2020

Unwind, Relax & Have Yourself a Luvly Weekend

We all face Monday the same…with a “here we go again” sense of resignation to our fate. Friday comes around...

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Are You a Floral or Fruity Kinda Luvly? 16
Aug 2020

Are You a Floral or Fruity Kinda Luvly?

There are two kinds of Luvlies in this world, the ones who like floral scents and the ones who like fruity scents...

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