Luv Esence Promise

Be the essence of LUV. Being real and authentic shouldn’t hide you away, it should help you grow, luv, and accept yourself for who you truly are – which is unique and beautiful! We believe we can change the world through luv; luv for our environment, nature, animal life and each other. We join you in spreading that luv and making a change. Let’s make it a #LuvRevolution.

Our Luv Story

Be the essence of LUV.

Believe that even a little bit of luv makes everything better.

Being real and authentic doesn’t hide you away, it helps you grow, luv, and accept yourselves for who you truly are – which is unique and beautiful! Our products are filled with the fresh goodness of natural ingredients, infused with floral and fruity fragrances, and packaged in the gentlest hues of nature to remind you of this every day.

Our goal is to create authentic products that are conscious, environmentally friendly and sustainable for your future. The products are not tested on animals because we know that every creature that shares our planet is important. We use sustainable harvesting methods to ensure the best ingredients are used without compromising the future, and we are engaged in community fair trade practices to ensure our suppliers’ hard work is rewarded.

We believe you should be allowed to pamper yourself guilt-free, so with every step we take, we do our best to give back to our communities. Our recycling project, and our organic Aloe Vera project are some of the ways we get involved in spreading the luv.

Together with you we will work to inspire others to join the #LuvRevolution! Share your own stories and be a part of this #LuvGeneration.

Our Pillars of Luv

Pillars of Luv