Luv-ed Up Skin, Luv-ed Up Planet

Skin’s the biggest organ in our body, it breathes, it regenerates, and it heals itself and allows us to feel. Taking care of your skin should be a vital part of your self-care routines.


We at LuvEsence think our planet is very much like our skin. It helps us breathe, it regenerates, heals itself and gives us so many feels and it should be luved up and protected.


While taking care of you, we have ensured to take care of our planet as well. We employ the best practices in our production processes:

Sustainable Harvesting

We use sustainable harvesting methods to ensure the best ingredients are sourced in the manufacturing process for your lovely skin without compromising the future.

Community Fair Trade

We are engaged in community fair trade practices to ensure our suppliers’ hard work is rewarded and we show them utmost love.

Our products use natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera which we obtain from our organic Aloe Vera project in Kalpitiya. We work hand in hand with Marine & Coastal resources conservation foundation to help local communities with Aloe Vera cultivation which also results in safeguarding the endangered coral reefs in the area as a result of the communities having an alternative income during the off-seasons for fishing.

Not Tested on Animals

Our products are not tested on animals because we know that every creature that shares our planet is important and deserves to be loved.

100% Vegetarian

Our products are free of animal fats, animal marrow and animal extract gelatins for some vegetarian love.

Animals are a vital part of our ecosystems, each creature playing a part in ensuring the balance in our planet is maintained. We ensure not to test our products on these amazing, intelligent and innocent creatures.

When you purchase a LuvEsence product you become a part of this #revolutionofluv and help us to continue to make a difference in the planet.

So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution Luvly! Make a difference and leave you mark of love on this planet!